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Jul 31, 2012

Top Paid Women in Biopharma

GEN’s listing of the 25 highest-paid females in the industry.

Top Paid Women in Biopharma

These 25 women are pulling in the big bucks. [© stefa_neve - Fotolia.com]

  • #10. Robin Smith

    CEO, NeoStem

    2011 Compensation: $3,647,772

  • #9. Robin L. Washington

    SVP and CFO, Gilead Sciences

    2011 Compensation: $4,032,193

  • #8. Silvia Ayyoubi

    Head of Human Resources, Roche

    2011 Compensation: $4,035,692

  • #7. Sandra Leung

    General Counsel and Secretary, Bristol-Myers Squibb

    2011 Compensation: $5,491,673

  • #6. Laura J. Schumacher

    EVP, General Counsel and Secretary, Abbott Laboratories

    2011 Compensation: $5,567,493

  • #5. Amy W. Schulman

    EVP, General Counsel, President and GM, Nutrition, Pfizer

    2011 Compensation: $5,764,662

  • #4. Beatrice Cazala

    EVP Commercial Operations, Bristol-Myers Squibb

    2011 Compensation: $5,941,167

  • #3. Naomi Kelman

    Head of Novartis OTC Division, Novartis1

    2011 Compensation: $6,927,529

  • #2. Sherilyn S. McCoy

    Vice Chairman, Executive Committee, Johnson & Johnson

    2011 Compensation: $8,733,678

  • #1. Heather Bresch

    CEO, Mylan

    2011 Compensation: $9,640,486


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