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Dec 12, 2013

MicroRNA Therapeutics Heading Toward the Clinic

miRNA targets are an area of expanding interest. This incisive report gives you the details.

MicroRNA Therapeutics Heading Toward the Clinic

The therapeutic modulation of miRs as a treatment strategy for disease is increasingly gaining notice in research. [© uwimages - Fotolia.com]

  • The focus of this GEN Market & Tech Analysis report is to frame the translation of microRNAs from research toward therapeutics.

    Highlights of this report:

    • MicroRNA modulation in vivo can effect therapeutic outcomes, and this is an area of expanding interest—therapeutic modulation of miRs as a treatment strategy for disease.
    • Indeed, the increasing associations of microRNA signatures with specific physiological and pathological situations is driving the interest in this class of molecules as potential biomarkers but also brings forth the possibility of miR modulation in vivo, with miR mimics with potential therapeutic value in treating disease.
    • Specific miRs have been therapeutically addressed thusfar in preclinical studies, and this report describes these.
    • Furthermore, there are clinical studies being initiated and this report presents this landscape.
    • In a previous GEN report we documented the associations of miRs from the literature.
    • This report suggests that a very small subset of these signatures/associations are being pursued in the therapeutics realm, and opens the possibility of many more miRs entering preclinical testing in various disease areas we’ve presented and discussed in our reports.

    CLICK HERE to download the PDF report.

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