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Oct 9, 2012

20 Top-Salaried Research University Leaders

Did your university president make the list?

20 Top-Salaried Research University Leaders

How do these figures compare to what biopharma CEOs or research institute leaders make? Check out GEN’s other lists to find out. [© 3desc - Fotolia.com]

  • #10. Morton O. Schapiro, Ph.D.

    President, Northwestern University

    $1,255,653 in FY 2010–2011

  • #9. Ronald J. Daniels, J.D.

    President, Johns Hopkins University

    $1,271,043 in FY 2010–2011

  • #8. C. L. Max Nikias, Ph.D.

    President, University of Southern California

    $1,316,059 in FY 2010–2011

  • #7. Amy Gutmann, Ph.D.

    President, University of Pennsylvania

    $1,462,742 in FY 2010–2011

  • #6. Robert J. Zimmer, Ph.D.

    President, University of Chicago

    $1,597,918 in FY 2010–2011

  • #5. Richard C. Levin, Ph.D.

    President, Yale University

    $1,616,066 in FY 2010–2011

  • #4. Lee C. Bollinger, Ph.D.

    President, Columbia University

    $1,932,931 in FY 2010–2011

  • #3. E. Gordon Gee, Ed.D.

    President, Ohio State University

    $1,992,221 in FY 2010–2011

  • #2. Nicholas S. Zeppos, J.D.

    Chancellor, Vanderbilt University

    $2,228,349 in FY 2010–2011

  • #1. Mark Stephen Wrighton, Ph.D.

    Chancellor, Washington University in St. Louis

    $2,268,837 in FY 2010–20116

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