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Jun 4, 2013

10 Life Science-Loving Charitable Funds and Foundations

These organizations know when to give a little.

10 Life Science-Loving Charitable Funds and Foundations

These charitable funds and foundations fund life sciences research in more than a single disease, and are known primarily for their charitable contributions to life science researchers and their institutions. [© vichie81 - Fotolia.com]

  • Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria

    2011 Calendar Year

    Research Grants Disbursed: $2.623 billion, including:

    • $1.5 billion for HIV and TB/HIV
    • $0.6 billion for malaria
    • $0.4 billion for TB

    Total Research Expense: $2.741 billion

    Total Expenditure: $3.037 billion

    Total Income: $4.182 billion

    Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland

  • PATH (Program for Appropriate Technology in Health)7

    2011 Total Program Services Expenses: $245.324 million, including:

    • $121.301 million for vaccines and immunizations
    • $72.911 million for emerging and epidemic diseases
    • $19.889 million for health technologies
    • $17.930 million for maternal and child health
    • $11.936 million for reproductive health
    • $1.357 million for cross-program expenses

    2011 Total Expenses: $284.358 million

    2011 Total Revenues, Gains and Other Support: $283.838 million

    Headquarters: Seattle, WA

  • Simons Foundation

    2011 Calendar Year

    Total Grants Paid: $123.802 million8, including:

    $36.274 million (29.3%) for autism

    $27.360 million (22.1%) for life science

    Total Expenses: $293.227 million

    Total Revenue: $251.787 million

    Headquarters: New York, NY

  • Wellcome Trust9

    2012 Fiscal Year, ended September 30

    Grants Awarded: £599.5 ($905.8 million), including:

    • £412.6 million ($623.4 million) for science funding
    • £88.4 million ($133.6 million) for Wellcome Trust Genome Campus
    • £62.8 million ($94.9 million) for technology transfer
    • £35.7 million ($53.9 million) for medical humanities and engagement

    Total “Charitable Activity” Funding Commitment: £746.3 million ($1.128 billion)

    Total Resources Expended: £837.1 million ($1.265 billion)

    Total Incoming Resources: £242.4 million ($366.2 million)

    Headquarters: London, U.K.

  • William J. Clinton Foundation

    2010 Calendar Year

    Total Foundation Direct Program Expenditures: $74.709 million, including:

    • $16.448 million for HIV/AIDS10
    • $2.327 million for Childhood Obesity11

    Total Expenses and Losses: $303.378 million

    Total Revenues, Gains, and Other Support: $311.642 million

    Headquarters: New York, NY

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