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January 21, 2014

Liquid Biopsies: An Area You Need to Watch

A minimally invasive method of harvesting cancer biomarkers is gaining serious attention.

Liquid Biopsies: An Area You Need to Watch

Samples of tissue need to be harvested in order to understand somatic mutations as a means to target therapies. These tissue biopsies tend to be invasive and costly. Liquid biopsies could help. [Select Biosciences]

  • The focus of this GEN Market & Tech Analysis report is to frame a very timely and expanding development in the life sciences field: the potential of liquid biopsies in prognostic analysis of oncologic disease processes.


    • The field of liquid biopsies is gaining momentum with the study of circulating biomarkers for cancer patient monitoring.
    • There is growing interest in circulating nucleic acids and exosomes/vesicles in the circulation of cancer patients and harvesting these for diagnostics development.
    • Interest is intensifying from basic researchers studying these various analytes as well as companies seeking to develop minimally invasive diagnostics via liquid biopsies

    Download this GEN Report to receive a perspective on this expanding field.

    CLICK HERE to download the PDF report.

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