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April 01, 2014

Eye on Circulating Biomarkers

These biomarkers are driving the liquid biopsy field.

Eye on Circulating Biomarkers

Circulating biomarkers enable the interrogation of disease processes in a minimally invasive matter.

  • This GEN report provides a snapshot of the liquid biopsy field, which is being driven by the various classes of circulating biomarkers. These biomarkers have been described and are currently being evaluated for their clinical utility.

    Highlights of the report:

    • The circulating biomarkers field is gaining momentum due to the potential applications in patient care and minimally invasive diagnostics procedures.
    • Various analyte classes are proposed for circulating biomarkers including circulating proteins, circulating nucleic acids, circulating tumor cells (CTCs), and extracellular vesicles found in biological fluids.
    • At this point in the evolution of this field, we cannot foreclose the potential of any of these biomarker classes and perhaps in the future clinical diagnoses will be based upon a combination of these analytes.
    • Much research interest exists from researchers and vendors alike to provide products and services to address this growing marketplace.
    • This field is now translating toward liquid biopsies—demonstrating the deployment of circulating biomarkers for disease interrogation and management.

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