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January 03, 2014

Commercializing iPSCs: A Quantitative Snapshot

Learn about the induced pluripotent stem cell market in this report.

Commercializing iPSCs: A Quantitative Snapshot

The marketplace for iPSC research thusfar has been the life science research space that most recently has been the major contributor of industry revenues.

  • The focus of this GEN Market & Tech Analysis report is to frame some of the quantitative metrics of the iPSC commercialization space. Highlights of this report:

    • The iPSC marketplace experiences growth as these cells and differentiated cells derived from them gain traction in drug discovery and development applications.
    • Along with basic research, this segment represents the current revenue generation opportunities derived from the iPSC field.
    • The iPSC field continues to translate toward the clinic in specific therapeutic areas, and the results of these clinical trials will be very carefully scrutinized by industry observers to gain insight as to the therapeutic utility of this approach.
    • After the initial years of excitement and hype in the iPSC field, over the coming years hard questions on the application areas and clinical utility will be systematically addressed, and this will serve to drive this field forward.

    CLICK HERE to download the PDF report.

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