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Apr 02, 2013

Rosalind Franklin’s Role in History

Watson and Crick are usually the ones credited with discovering the double-helix structure of DNA, but what of Rosalind Franklin? Her research via X-ray diffraction was crucial to the discovery of DNA’s structure, but her role in its discovery was frequently ignored—and possibly even downplayed—by the scientific community. (Read more about her work here.) Do you think she got a raw deal?

Do you think Rosalind Franklin has gotten enough credit for her role in discovering the double-helix structure of DNA?

Who’s Rosalind Franklin?

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Tackling the Global Problem of Fake Medicines

Policy proposals to address the growing global problem of fake medicines include a global agreement, similar to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, and stricter national laws to prosecute those who knowingly sell counterfeit medicines. Do you think these steps will be successful?

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