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GEN’s editorial staff interviews life science academic and biotech industry leaders on important research, technology, and trends. These podcasts will keep you informed with all the important details you need.

Over the past decade, a multitude of new drug discovery methods has been introduced into bioresearch, all based on the premise and promise that new drugs would now be discovered and developed more quickly. But few truly novel biopharma products have made it far along the development and commercialization path as a result of these new drug discovery methodologies. During this week's podcast, Dr. Kenneth Carter from Avalon Pharmaceuticals explains why this might be the case? He talks about his company's proprietary technology called AvalonRx, which has been designed to decrease the time it takes to develop novel drug therapies to treat diseases. Dr. Carter also contrasts Avalon Pharmaceuticals' drug discovery approach with most conventional efforts in this area.

He goes on to explain how Avalon Pharmaceuticals is using biomarkers to correlate with clinical effect to help for clinical trials moving into Phase II amd describes the range of products Avalon is working on and for which indications.

listen now to this important discussion. Then return to the blog and give us your thoughts on the following question:

Why do you think that there are few novel drug products on the market despite the introduction of so many new drug discovery technologies over the past ten years?

Or, if you prefer, post your own topic on the biotech industry subject of your choice. Please share your opinions and observations.
Dr. Kenneth C. Carter is a co-founder and the President and CEO of Avalon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Dr. Carter has over-seen the Company’s rapid growth as a chemical genomics-based drug discovery and development company with a pipeline of cancer drug programs. Since opening its doors in January 2000, the Company has established drug discovery programs in colon, breast and hematological cancers; garnered partnerships with Merck, Novartis and MedImmune, among others; received exceptional backing from the private investment community; and completed an IPO and listing of its stock (AVRX) on the NASDAQ exchange. Avalon’s progress has won numerous accolades for the Company and Dr. Carter, including Red Herring’s Top 100 Innovative Companies and Fiercebiotech’s “Top 15 Companies” awards. Prior to co-founding Avalon, Dr. Carter was at Human Genome Sciences, Inc., where he directed the company’s gene mapping initiative. In this capacity, he played a role in the discovery, cloning, and chromosomal mapping of dozens of novel human genes. Dr. Carter has more than 50 published scientific articles and multiple patents.

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