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Scientists from Monash University have designed a nano-sized "Trojan horse" particle to ensure that healing antioxidants and therapeutic drugs can be better absorbed by the human body. The nanoparticle, one thousandth the thickness of a human hair, protects antioxidants from being destroyed in the gut and ensures a better chance of them being taken up in the digestive tract.

During this week's podcast, Dr. Ian Larson provides additional details on how the nanoparticle his research team developed actually functions. Dr. Larson talks about the broad practical applications of nanoparticle technology in the food industry and how other types of molecules or drugs might be administered via the nano particle delivery route. Dr. Larson also describes his work on drug delivery systems involving inhalation medication as well as liquid crystalline injections.
Dr.Ian Larson is a Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutics and Formulation Science at Monash University in Australia.

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