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GEN’s editorial staff interviews life science academic and biotech industry leaders on important research, technology, and trends. These podcasts will keep you informed with all the important details you need.

Biogen Idec recently announced the first startup occupant in its Innovation Incubator (bi3), which was established earlier this year. The company views bi3 as a new model for accelerating new drug discovery and development.

During this week's podcast, Dr. Rainer Fuchs explains why Bi3 represents an evolution in Biogen Idec's approach to research and discovery. He discusses the ways in which Bi3 is different from traditional incubator facilities and talks about the criteria Biogen Idec uses for inviting a startup company to move into the innovation incubator. Dr. Fuchs also addresses the issue of to what extent Bi3 might serve as a model for other biotech companies thinking of setting up something similar.

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Do you think Biogen Idec's decision to have an innovation incubator facility on site will expidite the company's drug discovery and development capabilities? Why or why not?

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Rainer is a molecular biologist by training, with a Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry and a Masters in Microbiology. He has been with Biogen Idec since 2000 in various executive leadership roles, including co-head of Discovery Research and VP Informatics and Operations. Before joining Biogen, Rainer was Global Head of Lead Generation Informatics for Aventis Pharma. His experience in the biopharmaceutical industry includes senior leadership positions at Ariad Pharmaceuticals and Glaxo Wellcome. Prior to industry, Rainer was staff scientist at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL).

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