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November 14, 2007

Xenomics Patents Transrenal Nucleic Acid Technology for Infectious Disease Diagnostics

  • Xenomics received a patent covering use of the company’s transrenal nucleic acid technology for infectious disease diagnostics and monitoring.

    Transrenal nucleic acids (Tr-DNA and Tr-RNA) are fragments of DNA and RNA from cells dying throughout the body that cross the kidney barrier from blood to urine and can be used for genetic analysis.

    Xenomics’ scientists have detected in urine DNA and RNA fragments of different pathogens including viruses, bacteria, and parasites that infected organs and tissues located outside of urinary system. Pulmonary tuberculosis, malaria, leishmania, HIV, H. pylori-induced ulcers of stomach and duodenum, and cervical cancer caused by HPV are some examples of diseases where the Tr-NA technology can be applied.

    Xenomics’ previous patents covered applications of the Tr-NA technology for prenatal genetic testing, tumor diagnostics and monitoring, and detection of rejection episodes after organ transplantation.