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May 23, 2012

XDx, LabCorp to Develop Lupus Flare Predictor Test

  • XDx and Laboratory Corporation of America® (LabCorp) are joining forces to discover markers for systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Under the collaboration and license agreement, each party will take part in the discovery, while LabCorp will develop and commercialize a diagnostic test to predict SLE flares.

    The deal combines XDx’ autoimmune diagnostics research and discovery experience and SLE blood sample database with LabCorp’s diagnostic development and commercialization resources. “We have developed an extensive database of lupus blood samples that we will use in collaboration with LabCorp to initiate its development of a biomarker for the flare test,” says Pierre Cassigneul, XDx’ president and CEO.

    “Building upon our success in the immune-mediated diagnostic market with our first approved product, AlloMap® Molecular Expression Testing, XDx is dedicated to expanding its pipeline of high-value diagnostic tests to other diseases that involve the activity of the immune system,” Cassigneul adds.

    XDx’ AlloMap Molecular Expression Testing is FDA-cleared. It provides transplant physicians with a tool to aid in the determination of the probability of acute cellular rejection for postcardiac transplant patient management. Some of the AlloMap technology developed and implemented by XDx in heart transplant patient management may be applicable to other conditions that involve transplant rejection and diseases that affect the immune system.

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