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Jul 1, 2014

Stem Cells Taught to Self-Organize Thanks to Lessons in Geometry

Stem Cells Taught to Self-Organize Thanks to Lessons in Geometry

Patterning of embryonic stem cells in culture has been achieved by geometric confinement. The cells shown here segregated into endoderm (red), mesoderm (blue), and ectoderm (black) 48 hours after they started to differentiate. [Rockefeller University]

  • During embryonic development, stem cells not only differentiate, they start to organize themselves. Rather than merely clumping, they form a distinctly layered structure. Actually, ...

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Readers' Comments

Posted 07/01/2014 by Lou Zipping

More evidence to pile on behind the theory of an intelengence or a creator being behind the source of our known forms of life.

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