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October 4, 2007

Sigma-Aldrich and Canadian Research Institute Establish Partnership for RNAi Studies

  • Sigma-Aldrich and the Universite de Montreal entered a collaboration related to the use of the company’s RNAi technologies to discover new drug targets.

    Under the agreement, the University’s Institute of Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC) gains access to Sigma-Aldrich's IP portfolio and its Mission® shRNA library collection for human and mouse genomes. In exchange, the company may utilize feedback from the partnership to further its understanding of specific target function and to continue the development of tools for high-throughput drug discovery.

    By adopting the Mission shRNA library as their platform for RNAi screening, IRIC will be utilizing the collective expertise of The RNAi Consortium, which consists of the Broad Institute, MIT, Harvard, Dana Farber, Sigma-Aldrich as well as other research organizations and pharmaceutical companies. The deal was reportedly made possible through grants from Genome Quebec and contributions by Sigma-Aldrich.