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Jun 8, 2011

Profil Institute to Use Rosa PK/PD Models in Clinical Research Programs

  • Profil Institute for Clinical Research entered an alliance with drug development advisory firm Rosa that gives it access to the latter's pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) and physiologically-based PK/PD (PhysioPD™) modeling and simulation technology. Profil customers will now be able to leverage this platform in thier early-phase clinical research programs.

    Profil is a privately-owned clinical research institute specializing in early development of diabetes and obesity drugs. It has reportedly conducted more than 140 clinical studies investigating new drugs and devices since its inception in 2004.

    Rosa's models will be used in clinical study designs and data interpretations to simulate disease physiology, drug action, patient variability, and trial outcomes. It will also be used to derive scientific and clinical insight from clinical trial data.

    Rosa was founded in 2002 as a drug-disease modeling and simulation company. The company reports that its technology has been used in applications from preclinical through clinical development in collaborations with Lithera, MediciNova, Pfizer, and Vitalea.

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