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Oct 2, 2006

Plexxikon and Servier Sign Cardiovascular Collaboration

  • Plexxikon and Servier announced a collaboration to discover nonpeptidic inhibitors of renin, an enzyme known to play a direct role in hypertension, renal failure, and vascular disease. “We are confident that Plexxikon’s Scaffold-Based Drug Discovery™ platform provides a unique competitive advantage to quickly identify novel, nonpeptidic renin inhibitors with attractive pharmaceutical properties,” says K. Peter Hirth, Ph.D., CEO of Plexxikon.

    Under the terms of the agreement, Plexxikon will receive an upfront payment, research funding, and potential milestone payments totaling over $100 million. In addition, Plexxikon may receive royalties on potential product sales. Servier will be responsible for clinical development and commercialization of the products and will receive an exclusive worldwide license for any renin inhibitors discovered through the collaboration in cardiovascular disease.

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