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July 18, 2007

Invitrogen Taps Biocon for Insulin Supply to the Global Cell Culture Market

  • Invitrogen signed an exclusive agreement with Biocon to market pharmaceutical-grade insulin to the global cell culture market. The insulin, which is European and U.S. pharmacopoeia (Ph Eur/USP) grade, has shown equivalence to other insulin sources that have been used for cell culture biomanufacturing, according to Invitrogen.

    "Bioprocess scientists have increasingly used insulin to enhance their cell culture but can only access the pharmaceutical-grade insulin in bulk quantities from a few suppliers," points out Jeff Greenberg, Invitrogen’s vp of bioproduction. "Invitrogen and Biocon are now offering a competitive alternative, which scientists, process engineers, and manufacturers can confidently use to increase the productivity of their biological therapeutics."

    Biocon reports that its recombinant human insulin is derived from an animal-origin-free-cell bank and is processed using porcine trypsin, thus eliminating the risk of BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) contamination. This helps to produce a high-quality reagent that can be used to improve productivity of manufacturing biological therapeutics from cell culture. The recombinant human insulin can be supplied in manufacturing quantities of 25 kg or more.

    Separately, Biocon sold its enzyme business to Novozymes for about $116 million.