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January 18, 2008

Helix BioMedix Inks Peptide Production and Supply Deal with Peptisyntha

  • Peptisyntha agreed to manufacture and supply to Helix BioMedix its requirements for certain peptides at specified prices for an initial term of two years. Helix BioMedix notes that the arrangement solidifies the firm’s position as a peptide supplier as well as its own pipeline.

    “First, our relationship with Peptisyntha is a major step toward ensuring that we can supply commercial quantities of peptides once products are developed through our pharmaceutical program,” points out R. Stephen Beatty, president and CEO of Helix BioMedix. “Second, this agreement will immediately provide peptide supplies to our marketing partners for our rapidly growing consumer-product segment.

    “Current indications lead us to believe that our consumer-product revenue could exceed $1 million in 2008 and could be in excess of $5 million in 2009,” Beatty continues. “As a result of this agreement, our partners will have a readily available peptide supply for the significantly higher order volume that we are now beginning to experience.”