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Jan 17, 2007

GenVec and U.S. Navy Launch First Malaria Vaccine Trial

  • GenVec reports that along with the Naval Medical Research Center (NMRC) it will conduct the first clinical study of an experimental malaria vaccine. The vaccine is based on GenVec’s gene delivery and cell culture manufacturing technologies for the production of recombinant adenovirus vaccine vectors.

    GenVec has been collaborating with the NMRC for the past four years to develop adenovector-based malaria vaccine candidates. The vaccine now undergoing clinical testing consists of two adenovectors, each encoding a different antigen from the protozoal parasite Plasmodium falciparum. The vaccine is designed to stimulate T-cell and antibody immune responses and attack both the liver and blood stages of the parasite. The company reports that this approach showed positive results in preclinical studies.

    The trials will be carried out under sponsorship from the United States Army Medical Materiel Development Activity along with funding from various other government sources.

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