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Oct 18, 2006

Genedata Installs Large-Scale Analysis Platform at Wyeth

  • Genedata will support Wyeth Pharma’s computational requirements for its drug discovery efforts in Cambridge, MA. Wyeth’s installation of Genedata Expressionist® and Phylosopher® will provide a highly automated processing and annotation platform capable of analyzing tens of thousands of microarrays per month, according to the companies.

    Genedata’s solution has been integrated with Wyeth’s existing informatics infrastructure, including databases of experimental protocol information, to create powerful new analysis portals for omics data. These portals enable researchers to navigate large result repositories and drill down to obtain data quality and experimental design information.

    Wyeth’s scientific business rules have also been integrated with Genedata’s automated workflows for processing and analyzing gene expression data. So far, many such business rules have been incorporated into Expressionist’s workflow environment. These rules are applied in the context of data quality issues. They extend to statistical criteria applied to results, such as the statistical significance level used to define biomarkers. This increases the repeatability of research findings obtained in a high-throughput context.

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CRISPR Patent Controversy

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