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May 26, 2009

FIT Biotech and ImmunoVaccine Ally to Enhance HIV Vaccine Candidate

FIT Biotech and ImmunoVaccine Ally to Enhance HIV Vaccine Candidate

Preclinical technology partnership researches HIV vaccine

  • FIT Biotech and ImmunoVaccine Technologies (IVT) entered a preclinical research partnership to combine FIT's anti-HIV DNA plasmid with IVT's vaccine delivery system, DepoVax. GTU MiltiHIV is a synthetic DNA plasmid that covers the antigenic variability within HIV strains, attempting to counteract HIV's known ability to mutate rapidly and therefore avoid effective vaccine therapy.

    "DepoVax will act as a vector to deliver FIT Biotech's GTU MultiHIV DNA vaccine, and our goal is to develop a more sophisticated and efficient HIV vaccine candidate," says Marc Mansour, Ph.D., vp of R&D at IVT. DepoVax is a vaccine delivery system that delivers DNA plasmids into lymph nodes using liposomes to encapsulate a target antigen.


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