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Sep 28, 2009

Febit and Life Technologies Couple Platforms to Enhance Resequencing Capabilities

  • Febit and Life Technologies signed a co-marketing agreement that will see febit’s HybSelect™ sequence capture technology combined with Applied Biosystem’s SOLiD™ System; Applied Biosystems is part of Life Technologies brand.
    The companies claim that coupling the technologies will provide researchers with a new, scalable solution for targeted resequencing, providing particular benefits in areas such as large-scale biomarker, SNP, and mutation studies.

    As part of the deal Febit is expanding its genomic services facility at Heidelberg with the addition of a number of SOLiD sequencing systems and real-time PCR instrumentation. Febit will also become a member of both the SOLiD System and TaqMan Service Provider programs. Once fully operational the Febit facility will aim to process over 1,000 samples a week. The companies also foresee installing similar facilities at dedicated customer laboratories.

    “The joint effort between Life Technologies and febit will close a gap for highly efficient and accurate resequencing of genomic loci that are possibly correlated with disease,” Shaf Yousaf, president of genomics analysis at Life Technologies, believes.

    Febit’s HybSelect sequence capture technology combines microarray-based enrichment with its microfluidic technology to enable targeted, hybridization-based DNA capture of specific regions of interest from complex mixtures such as large eukaryotic genomes. The company claims the recovered DNA is ideal for targeted resequencing on next-generation sequencing systems.

    During August Febit announced making HybSelect sequence capture available as a service offering to provide customers with captured DNA to sequence on their own next-generation systems. The company had previously offered a comprehensive HybSelect & Sequencing service.


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