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Oct 5, 2011

Eurofins and Integrated Genomics Offer Microbial, Fungal, and Algal Sequencing and Analysis

  • Eurofins MWG Operon and Integrated Genomics are combining their respective expertise in sequencing and analysis to offer global clients a one-stop-shop for the sequencing and analysis of microbial, fungal, and algal organisms.

    Illinois-based Integrated Genomics specializes in the provision of microbial bioinformatics tools and services based on its ERGO™ sequence analysis platform. German firm Eurofins offers next-generation sequencing, custom DNA sequencing, oligonucleotide, siRNA, and gene synthesis, as well as bioinformatics services to academic and industrial clients.

    Eurofins maintains that Integrated Genomics’ bioinformatics capabilities are an ideal complement to its own portfolio of prokaryotic, yeast, and fungal genome sequencing services. “Eurofins has long been our preferred sequencing partner,” remarks John W. Elling, the U.S. firm’s CEO. “With this increased integration we are now able to provide complete genome sequencing and analysis projects for our customers.”

    Integrated Genomics’ ERGO genome analysis system has been developed as an in silico systems biology platform for the analysis of genomic DNA sequence data. The firm claims that rather than just repackage known information, ERGO integrates genomic information with biochemical data, literature, and high-throughput analysis into a user-friendly network of metabolic and nonmetabolic pathways. The current version of ERGO database contains 618 complete or nearly complete genomes, including 319 bacteria, 116 eukaryotes, 34 archaea, and 149 viruses.

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