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Feb 19, 2010

Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik Nabs Worldwide Manufacturing and Distribution License to Lonza’s Microreactors

  • The Bayer Technology Services company, Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik BTS, negotiated an exclusive, worldwide manufacturing and distribution license to Lonza’s microreactor technology. The companies also signed a collaboration agreement centered on further development of this technology.

    The firm will acquire licenses to the development microreactor for process development and advanced production microreactor for manufacturing. As a result, EMB will become the exclusive, worldwide manufacturer, vendor, and distributor of Lonza microreactors.

    “Both agreements are strategic for Lonza as they will broaden the base of users to freely utilize this cutting-edge reactor technology to develop the greener and sustainable processes of tomorrow,” comments Dominique Roberge, head of microreactor technology business development at Lonza. 

    In January Lonza’s microreactor technology team was awarded the Swiss Chemical Society’s 2010 Sandmeyer Prize for industrial chemistry. The award recognized the team’s key achievements in the design and manufacturing of microstructured devices including various laboratory studies describing pharmaceutical reactions in microreactors and the successful transfer of processes to commercial production.


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