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Nov 19, 2009

Caliper Partners with Prestwick Chemical to Offer Services for Drug Discovery

  • Caliper Life Sciences’ contract research organization, Caliper Discovery Alliances & Services (CDAS), signed a deal with Prestwick Chemical to provide customized outsourced medicinal chemistry and in vitro and in vivo preclinical biology programs for drug discovery research.

    The nonexclusive co-marketing agreement “offers complete chemistry and biology research programs to help pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers increase identification of lead compounds,” according to David Manyak, executive vp, drug discovery services, Caliper Life Sciences.

    Caliper’s expertise lies in its in vitro and in vivo research capabilities while  Prestwick brings its knowledge on medicinal chemistry for hit discovery, hit validation, hit to lead expansion, and lead optimization to the table. Clients will be able to screen compounds from the Prestwick Chemical smart libraries through CDAS in a panel of over 1,000 optimized in vitro assays to assess drug property improvement such as selectivity, potency and toxicity, notes Manyak.

    “Outsourcing complete chemistry-biology research programs answers an industry need for increased productivity, efficiency and turnaround time in the drug development process,” he continues.

    “By providing integrated chemistry and biology programs, researchers now have a unique opportunity to access combined best in class chemistry and preclinical biology research that is invaluable in identifying safe and effective new drug candidates while minimizing commitment of internal resources."

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