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February 5, 2014

BioVersys, SARomics to Battle Drug-Resistant Infections

  • BioVersys, a spinoff biopharma company from the ETH Zurich focused on antibiotic resistance, is teaming up with Swedish firm SARomics Biostructures to take on antimicrobial resistance as part of an international project supported by the Eurostars initiative, which will be financing part of it through a grant.

    The aim of the SARTRIC project is to find a way to block the transcriptional activation of resistance genes with small molecules so that drugs that are already on the market will work on the resistant diseases again. The two firms will pool their resources to turn initial hit molecules into lead molecules that would be good candidates for preclinical testing.

    BioVersys and SARomics believe their specializations and expertise are complementary and should work together well. "It is a great pleasure to see the synergies between our two companies bearing fruit," BioVersys' CSO Marcel Tigges said in a statement.

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