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October 8, 2009

BioFocus Gains Access to DiscoveRx GPCR and cAMP Assays

  • BioFocus and DiscoveRx signed a co-marketing agreement that will allow BioFocus to carry out screening for clients using DiscoveRx' PathHunter™ ß-Arresting GPCR screening assay, HitHunter™ cAMP assays, and associated cell lines.

    The deal with BioFocus comes just days after DiscoveRx signed a global agreement with GlaxoSmithKline to provide the latter with access to its PathHunter™ ß-Arrestin parental cell lines, clones, and associated reagents for use in GSK's GPCR screening and profiling research. This agreement followed closely behind DiscoveRx and GSK's announcement of a three-way alliance with Medical Research Council Technology, focused on using the PathHunter™ ß-Arrestin assay technology to find binders to orphan GPCRs.

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