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Oct 27, 2006

AMRI Launches Drug Discovery Database

  • Albany Molecular Research launched AMRIDirect, a searchable, on-line database of drug-like compounds for use in drug discovery.

    With AMRIDirect, scientists can search hundreds of thousands of off-the-shelf compounds by structure, substructure, or physicochemical parameters, then purchase individual compounds in various quantities. Features of AMRIDirect include 24-hour real-time access, confidential inquiries, and the flexibility to modify a request based on previous search results.
    AMRIDirect provides on-line access to chemical structures, inventory information, and other compound-related data, such as analytical QC data and purity levels from AMRI’s in-stock database, which is updated daily. The interactive system allows researchers to search calculated physicochemical parameters, such as logP, logD, pKa, molecular weight, and TPSA values to select the right compounds.

    Scientists can initiate substructure or similarity searches in the database according to their specifications, either by using an embedded drawing tool or by importing structures in Molfile or Smiles format. Users can edit and merge results from multiple searches. An electronic ordering system saves time and ensures fast delivery of compounds. Secure, storable personal settings allow users to see their lists when they return to AMRIDirect.


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Scientifically Studying Ecstasy

MDMA (commonly known as the empathogen “ecstasy”) is classified as a Schedule 1 drug, which is reserved for compounds with no accepted medical use and a high abuse potential. Two researchers from Stanford, however, call for a rigorous scientific exploration of MDMA's effects to identify precisely how the drug works, the data from which could be used to develop therapeutic compounds.

Do you agree that ecstasy should be studied for its potential therapeutic benefits?

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