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March 13, 2008

Affymetrix and Roche NimbleGen Expand Licensing Agreement

  • Roche NimbleGen and Affymetrix expanded the terms of the license to a number of Affymetrix patents originally granted in October 2006. The expanded license now provides certain diagnostic rights for array-based DNA copy number analysis and array-based resequencing in addition to covering the manufacture, use, and sale of nucleic acid microarrays and related products as well as services in the research field.

    Roche NimbleGen produces high-density arrays of long oligo probes that provide “greater information content and higher data quality necessary for studying the full diversity of genomic and epigenomic variation,” claims a company spokesperson. Roche NimbleGen’s proprietary Maskless Array Synthesis (MAS) technology uses digital light processing and rapid, high-yield photochemistry to synthesize long oligo, high-density DNA microarrays, adds the Roche NimbleGen official.