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Aug 1, 2010 (Vol. 30, No. 14)

Strategies for Successful Process Scale-Up

Advanced Tools Provide Better Solutions for Critical Aspect of Biologics Development

  • Bioreactor System

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    TAP says that its ambr microscale bioreactor system has been shown to mimic the performance and characteristics of a larger-scale bioreactor, making it a useful tool in scale-up studies.

    A new tool that aids scale-up studies is ambr™, the microscale bioreactor system from The Automation Partnership (TAP). ambr mimics the performance and characteristics of a classic larger scale (5–10 L) bioreactor at the microscale (10–15 mL), according to the company. ambr workstations are now available, offering parallel processing and evaluation of up to 48 microbioreactor experiments in an automated benchtop system.

    “Unlike other systems, ambr has features of a large-scale bioreactor, with each ambr microbioreactor having an impeller and a sparge tube as well as pH and DO monitoring, and the system generates enough material to predict how each clone will perform,” Ian Ransome, TAP’s director of sales, explained. “Additionally, it is one of the only systems designed specifically for culturing mammalian cells.”

    Researchers tested ambr extensively and showed that it provides similar data to five liter bioreactors and is more representative than using shake flasks to predict how cells will perform in bioreactors, Ransome said.

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