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Apr 15, 2009 (Vol. 29, No. 8)

Novel Systems Zero In on the $100 Genome

Technology under Development Is Being Counted on to Provide Rapid and Affordable Sequencing

  • Sequencing-by-Synthesis Chemistry

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    DNA Sequence Analysis Software

    “We have obtained worldwide licensing for our exclusive technology,” commented Jerzy Olejnik, Ph.D., vp for process R&D at Intelligent Bio-Systems, referring to the sequencing-by-synthesis chemistry developed at Columbia University. The basis of the technology is the binding of PCR-amplified fragments of DNA to a solid surface, and then building of a complementary sequence using polymerase and specially modified reversible terminator fluorescent nucleotides in four colors. The reagents are unique and low-cost, as is the instrument itself, driving down the overall cost per base, said Dr. Olejnik.

    “The system and sample-preparation kits associated with it allows high accuracy and sensitivity of sequencing as well as opening the possibility of specialized applications such as digital gene-expression profiling and methylation profiling,” Dr. Olejnik continued.

    The instrumentation, which is referred to as PinPoint, is outfitted with a high-speed imaging system and an ordered array-based disposable chip.

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