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April 15, 2010 (Vol. 30, No. 8)

Multitasking with Multiplex Bead Assays

Novel Immunoassay Platform for Evaluating Multiple Analytes with Minimal Sample Volume

  • Discussion

    Multiplex immunoassays offer considerable advantages to researchers in that they reduce sample consumption, decrease sample analysis time, and are cost effective. The MultiBead immunoassay is capable of simultaneously detecting large molecules (cytokines, chemokines, and heat shock proteins) and small molecules (eicosanoids) by combining both immunometric and competitive immunoassays in a bead assay format that is compatible with commercially available flow cytometers.

    The Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer System has a wide dynamic range: the user can view more than 6 logs of data at a time, further increasing the range of fluorescent intensity and number of analytes that can be analyzed in a single run. Combining the MultiBead assay panel with the Accuri C6 offers a compelling combination of value and flexibility for both multiplex immunoassays and cellular analysis research applications.

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