Sep 14, 2009

Lasker Awards and Applied Biotechnology

  • As the Lasker Awards announced today demonstrate, collaborations between academia and industry continue to grow and provide promising research results. For all the details, check out GEN's exlcusive story: Lasker 2009 Research and Clinical Awards Will Provide Needed Biotechnology Industry Boost.

    The 2009 Lasker Awards honor a novel, targeted approach (Gleevec) to cancer therapy and a promising method (nuclear reprogramming) for generating stem cells that avoids the immunogenicity problem. Here are GEN’s questions for discussion:

    1) Do you believe the Lasker validation of the technologies involved, particularly nuclear reprogramming, will raise the interest of the investment community in the biotech industry?

    2) When do you think we will see the first applications of stem cell research being transferred from the laboratory to the clinic?

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