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Jun 1, 2009 (Vol. 29, No. 11)

Identifying New Gene-Expression Patterns

Analyzing XpressWay Human Expression Data with OmniViz Visual Analytics Software

  • Compare with Other Datasets

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    Figure 4. OmniViz treescape visualization compares expression patterns of ATP1A3 across XpressWay, GEO, and HuGE datasets.

    With OmniViz, users can easily import other datasets (internal or publicly available) to compare with XpressWay gene-expression data. These datasets can be linked to or merged with the XpressWay  dataset using common identifiers (e.g. gene ID).

    As an example, Figure 4 compares the expression profiles for the target, ATP1A3, in XpressWay, GEO, and HuGE datasets.

  • Asset for Drug Development

    The XpressWay dataset holds several advantages over other gene-expression datasets. First, the use of sensitive and standardized methodology, and the wide range of tissues used, allows users to have confidence in the presence (or not) of a target in a tissue, and the difference in expression between tissues.

    Second, the enhanced interrogation provided by OmniViz allows users to see previously unknown expression patterns, to find associations between targets, and to find targets with particular features of interest.  Finally, understanding of the data is augmented due to disease and process annotation, and the facility to bring related information (e.g., other gene expression data or PubMed articles on a target) into OmniViz for analysis.

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