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Feb 15, 2011 (Vol. 31, No. 4)

IDBS Set to Optimize Bioprocesses at Lonza

Data-Management and Execution System Will Be Used to Manage Mammallian Cell Culture Data

  • Data-Management Technology

    “BPES is based upon IDBS’ data-management technology,” noted Kipling, adding that it is a solution that can be rapidly deployed to streamline and optimize bioprocess workflows.

    “This allows data to be stored in context and more effectively shared between groups, deployed as a source of corporate knowledge, and used to monitor and improve process development and biological production operations,” he said.

    According to Kipling, this solution enables organizations to:

    • lessen the amount of repeated work by more than 10% with better access to current and past data and knowledge;

    • reduce unnecessary load on fixed capital assets;

    • speed up development, technology transfer and continuous improvement;

    • troubleshoot processes and perform root-cause analysis in minutes rather than weeks;

    • implement a knowledge and data management platform to support ICH Q10, QbD, and process understanding;

    • compare data and perform process intelligence queries to help improve and optimize processes;

    • trace and optimize component usage and equipment performance; and,

    • dramatically reduce the time assiciated with technology transfer.

    Lonza officials said that it was because of these advantages and capabilities that they chose the IDBS system.

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