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Jun 15, 2008 (Vol. 28, No. 12)

Flexibility Is the Name of the Game for CROs

Quality, Innovation, and Speed Remain Critically Important Skills

  • Expanding Services

    As clinical trials become increasingly worldwide, Global CINRG (www.globalcinrg.com), led by CEO Ahsan Awan, entered into a collaborative agreement in 2002 with PharmalinkFHI, a full-service eClinical CRO, to strengthen its role as a site-management organization/CRO.

    “Our original focus was managing global cardiovascular and metabolic trials,” Awan said. “As a result of being involved in protocol designs and other pretrial strategic development meetings, we were involved in discussions long before vendor selection. Sponsors would ask, ‘Who should we partner with?’ We would say, ‘Whoever you want.’ This proved not to be a good answer, because CROs saw it as revenue loss to have us involved. So in 2000 we expanded into CRO activities and two years later partnered with PharmalinkFHI.”

    CINRG (pronounced synergy) has been embracing the digital frontier in managing global clinical trials in more than 70 countries to date and hopes to increase that number in the next year by expanding its research network and recruiting additional national directors.

    “We currently run three database applications that were built in-house: ISIS™—our patient screening and investigator and site-selection tool; GlobalSearch™—our flexible, multivariable search engine; and REDbase™—our research EMR platform,” Awan stated, “with metrics established from site to site and country to country that validate the effectiveness of our tools individually and as a comprehensive suite.

    “It is our mission to operate faster, more efficiently, more accurately, and more effectively than our competitors, with the goal of lowering the cost of development and increasing ROI by addressing the pain points that delay approval, rollout, and the ability to turn over new and existing assets in order to generate revenue.”

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