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July 01, 2009 (Vol. 29, No. 13)

Expanding Disposable Depth-Filter Applications

Pall Focuses on the Improvement of Process Clarification Operations

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    Figure 4. Single-use system

    Batch 1 ran successfully with little or no increase in differential pressure to maintain the flow rate with either filter media grade. Due to the scale of the process and the capacity of the Stax system, it was concluded that the clarification process could be operated within one Pall Stax process-scale chassis.

    To demonstrate this, batch 2 was operated in serial flow mode within the lab chassis with the prefilter installed on the lower level and the final filter installed on the upper level. The filters were connected in series by the addition of a distribution manifold. All process parameters were kept constant.

    From this case study, a number of conclusions were drawn. The trials demonstrated comparable performance to current processes. The serial flow concept within one chassis was demonstrated, thus simplifying the customer’s process. The single-use system was set up as per the schematic shown in Figure 4.

    The drive toward single-use systems and improvement in process economics has again revolutionized process clarification technology.

    The Pall Stax platform provides cost-effective depth filtration while eliminating nonvalue-added activities such as costly cleaning and cleaning validation, enabling higher productivity and better filtration efficiency.

    Reliably scalable design and performance and intuitive operation by a single individual are added values end-users expect with disposable systems. Flexibility in handling and processing coupled with constructive robustness are key criteria for success.

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