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Mar 1, 2009 (Vol. 29, No. 5)

Business Continuity & Recovery Strategies

Partnerships between Manufacturers and Customers Are Critical to Effective Plans

  • Crisis Management

    In the event that a disaster does occur, it is critical to implement a framework that includes site-based teams and procedures.  This framework codifes the process for responding to disasters and business interruption. The goal is to minimize recovery times should an event occur. The entire supply chain, not just manufacturing, is reviewed to ensure the recovery time objectives are obtainable. Each plant has a specific crisis management plan and trained crisis-management and emergency response teams. These plans and teams are exercised on an annual basis to ensure the highest state of readiness and appropriateness of emergency recovery time objectives.

    Business continuity planning comes down to partnerships—every company should have established risk-mitigation plans, but in the end, this is only one part of a complete business continuity plan. Manufacturers and suppliers must work together in a partnership to establish plans that are efficient and cost effective for both parties. This partnership includes a thorough understanding of: reliability of the production process, the risks and their likelihood to occur, establishment of obtainable recovery time objectives should a crisis occur, and a customer’s definition of-risk mitigation planning.

    With these actions completed in partnership between the manufacturer and the customer, disruptions to critical manufacturing processes can be minimized in a manner that is efficient and cost effective for everyone.

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