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Single-Cell Whole-Genome Amplification Kit

The TruePrime™ Single Cell WGA kit utilizes a multiple displacement amplification (MDA) method based on the combination of the recently discovered TthPrimPol and Phi29 DNA polymerase for the amplification of genomic DNA from single cel


Automated Cell Imaging System

The JuLI™ Stage is a fully automated fluorescence live cell imaging system that acquires cell images directly from various cell culture plates in an incubator. The JuLI Stage supports the multichannel fluorescent colors (GFP/ RFP/ DAPI

Pall Life Sciences

Multiplate Bioreactor System

The Xpansion multiplate bioreactor system is a manufacturing platform for the GMP production of cellular therapies. The system features a set of integrated and advanced single-use technologies that enable processing of adherent cells in a fully


Monomer Reagents

ProM2™ is a range of Human Class II MHC monomer reagents for tetramer analyses in the study of CD4+ T-cell immune responses in a variety of disease areas including cancer, infectious diseases, autoimmunity, and transplantation. ProM2 C

AMS Biotechnology

Validated Monoclonal Antibodies

The UltraMAB™ monoclonal antibodies were the result of screening candidate antibodies against more than 10,000 human proteins using a High Density Protein Microarray Platform. The validated monoclonal antibodies are available for cance

Malvern Instruments

GPC/SEC System

The Omnisec platform integrates sample separation via the Omnisec Resolve module and high sensitivity analysis using Omnisec Reveal, a fully integrated multidetector array. The advanced gel permeation/size exclusion chromatography (GPC/SEC) syst

Thermo Scientific


The Sorvall WX+ ultracentrifuge features a color LCD touchscreen to keep programming simple and easy to navigate. Designed to accommodate a multiple-user environment, the ultracentrifuge monitors run data with optional Log Manager software that


Sample-Handling Tool

SampleGenie technology enables large sample volumes to be dried directly into vials, eliminating a number of time-consuming sample-handling steps and the attendant risk of errors. The latest generation SampleGenie, designed for use in the Rocket

New England BioLabs

Thermostable Reverse Transcriptase

WarmStart ® RTx Reverse Transcriptase, designed for nucleic acid detection, is reversibly inhibited at room temperature, and is activated when warmed above 40°C, enabling researchers to set up their reactions at room temperature


Protein Stability Analyzer

The Optim ® 2 protein stability and characterization instrument now features a version with an additional 375 nm laser that enhances the measurement of stability information for membrane proteins. The Optim 375 can be used to effectively

Horizon Discovery

Knockout Cell Line

Combining the human haploid cell line HAP1 with the versatility of the genome editing technology CRISPR/Cas9 can generate knock out cell lines with efficiency and throughput. The Human Haploid Cell Line HAP1 A is new model for functional genetic

Bio-Rad Laboratories

Nuclear Staining Dyes

The PureBlu™ Nuclear Staining Dyes are high purity formulations that can simplify nuclear staining for fluorescence imaging experiments. PureBlu eliminates the need for weighing and requires only a single dilution step upon resuspensio


Nanoliter-Scale Immunoassay System

Gyrolab xPlore™, a smaller version of the five-CD Gyrolab™ xP workstation, is a compact, cost-effective, single-CD tool that makes automated nanoliter-scale immunoassays accessible. Using microfluidic technology, Gyrolab xPlo


Microscopes for Live Cell and In Vivo Imaging

FluoView FVMPE-RS series’ high-speed scanner allows observation of ultra-rapid biological responses. The system can obtain vivid images from as deep as 8 mm below the tissue surface. Two new configurations now expand the series beyond


Next-Generation Sequencing Software

Lasergene 12.2 offers improvements in the accuracy of next-generation sequence assembly and variant calling. The software can help you more efficiently and effectively assemble and analyze NGS data by decreasing noise in detecting rare somatic v

MP Biomedicals

Automated Platform for Nucleic Acid Purification

The MPure-12TM System is an automated platform for the magnetic bead based purification of nucleic acids from a wide range of biological samples. The system can process from one to twelve samples simultaneously and also incorporates features tha


Handling System for Laboratory Applications

The EXCM mini-H gantry is a desktop handling system for medical laboratory automation. The planar surface gantry system is fast, modular, and flexible. The system moves samples on a planar X/Y axis with an absolute positioning accuracy of + .05

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Microplate Robot with Barcode Imaging System

The Spinnaker Smart Laboratory Robot is a four-axis selective compliance articulated robot arm (SCARA) with built-in vision, coupled with Momentum 4 software. It is designed to eliminate the need for users to manually correct for drift that occu


Multimode Microplate Reader

The Spark™ 10M multimode microplate reader is designed to offer greater flexibility and increased productivity for cell biology and genomics customers. Fusion Optics offer users the choice of filter- or monchromator-based measurements

Praj HiPurity Systems


The BioWiz Smart Bioreactor is designed to perform complex bioprocesses, from lab pilot to manufacturing scale. The bioreactor has fully automatic process sequence operations. It can be utilized for the development and manufacturing of fermentat


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