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GEN's Biotech Boulevard
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  • Gamma Therapeutics

    Gamma Therapeutics is an early stage biotechnology venture developing solutions for cardiovascular disease risk assessment, biosurgical therapy and combat casualty care based upon the use of human biocompatible proteins, such as Gamma Prime Fibrinogen, responsible for the clotting mechanism in human blood. The product line includes its patent-pending flagship product, GammaCoeur™, a cardiovascular disease risk assessment assay; GammaSeal™, a patented, high strength surgical incision and wound healing sealant; Gammarin™, a patented anticoagulant blood thinner for use during and after surgery, and; GammaTF, a provisionally-patented fast-clotting hemostatic dressing for hemorrhage control.


  • Genea Stem Cells

    Genea Stem Cells (GSC) develops disease-specific pluripotent and differentiated human cells for use in drug discovery and research. Based on the world’s largest private bank of human embryonic stem cells (about 100 lines/30 diseases), GSC supplies application-ready, disease-affected and control differentiated cell types and works collaboratively with industry for custom-developed cell-based assay solutions in drug development. All of GSC’s cell products are genetically unmodified human cells - the most accurate in vitro reflection of clinical conditions.

  • GigaGen

    GigaGen envisions a future where doctors routinely use an immune "fingerprint" to help manage complex medical problems such as transplantation, autoimmune disease, and cancer. The GigaMune™ technology combines microfluidics, next-generation sequencing, and bioinformatics to digitize your immune system into an immune "fingerprint".

  • Global Blood Therapeutics

    Global Blood Therapeutics is a product-focused company building a pipeline of innovative, oral medicines to improve the treatment of chronic blood-based diseases and severe genetic disorders for which there are currently no cures available and only extremely limited therapeutic options. The company's unique SHAPE Platform is enabling the discovery and development of small molecule drugs that change the shapes of key blood proteins to modify their functions, enhance vital biological pathways and drive therapeutic benefits.

  • Gradalis

    Gradalis is a privately-held, fully-integrated biotechnology company based in Dallas, Texas that is developing, manufacturing and commercializing drugs, vaccines, tools and diagnostics primarily in the area of cancer. The company has two platforms:  one focused on personalized autologous vaccines and the other  on bifunctional short hairpin RNA delivered via a proprietary lipoplex system. Recently-published data showed that FANG, the company’s autologous tumor vaccine, showed significant survival benefit in patients with advanced disease for multiple types of cancer. Gradalis has its own state of the art GMP manufacturing facility, as well as a strategic partnership with Mary Crowley Cancer Research Centers for early stage clinical development of Gradalis products.  

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