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GEN's Biotech Boulevard highlights new entrepreneurial biotech firms based all over the globe. These unique companies are developing breakthrough products that will expand and enhance the biotech industry.
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GEN's Biotech Boulevard
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  • eADMET

    eADMET is an expert in the creation of customized computational models for the prediction of important ADME/Tox properties of small drug-like molecules. The company’s modular approach combines proprietary and selected external algorithms to inform the creation of customized prediction models (with integrated error estimation) for clients and partners from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

  • Elcelyx Therapeutics

    Elcelyx Therapeutics is a privately-held company developing products for weight management and obesity-related metabolic disorders based on the science of nutrient sensing. Elcelyx product candidates, Lovidia™ and NewMet™, are Gut Sensory Modulators backed by research and clinical data demonstrating their ability to rapidly reduce weight and improve glucose metabolism without systemic side effects, respectively.

  • Ember Therapeutics

    Ember Therapeutics is a product-focused company translating its biology in the emerging area of brown fat and recent breakthroughs in understanding the mechanisms of selective insulin sensitivity into a proprietary pipeline of peripherally-acting treatments for metabolic disease, including Type 2 diabetes and obesity. 

  • Envoy Therapeutics

    Envoy’s mission is to change drug discovery by advancing new drugs that act on targets expressed specifically in the cell populations important to diseases.  Their goal is to bring forth drugs that help millions of people while causing fewer side effects.  Envoy hopes to achieve this mission through their powerful technology, called “bacTRAP”, that allows them to measure, in vivo, the expression of each protein within any given cell type.

  • Eqalix

    Eqalix is an emerging regenerative medicine development company with a goal of enhancing the quality of life of consumers and patients by providing nano-materials for the repair and regeneration of diseased, traumatized, and aging tissues. The company plans to develop and commercialize a plant-protein based nano-fiber scaffold for use in consumer markets and as a human skin substitute; small-diameter hybrid vessels that foster the creation of a functional endothelium after implantations; and 3D tissue scaffolds with adjustable properties for organ and tissue replacement and repair.

  • Eudendron

    Eudendron is a start-up company devoted to the discovery and development of a new generation of Kinase inhibitors in the area of oncology personalized medicine. The company's molecular design aims to develop safer and effective drugs able to overcome drug resistance. Eudendron’s new generation of Kinase inhibitors will be the result of a drug process called KemKinase, which encloses molecular designs and in silico validation technology coupled to a Kinome-wide strategy, revealing at a very early stage the full spectrum of Kinase targets associated to the newly identified chemical classes.

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