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GEN's Biotech Boulevard highlights new entrepreneurial biotech firms based all over the globe. These unique companies are developing breakthrough products that will expand and enhance the biotech industry.
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GEN's Biotech Boulevard
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  • Aptamer Sciences

    Based on its aptamer technology platforms, Aptamer Sciences Inc. is a privately held biotech company focused on commercializing technologies for analysis of proteins. Aptamer Sciences is dedicated to develop the aptamer technologies to generate high quality aptamer and in broad applications of research, diagnosis and therapeutics.

  • Aratana Therapeutics

    Aratana Therapeutics licenses and develops proprietary, patent-protected compounds acquired from human pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and develops strategies to maximize the value of the programs. The company is developing novel compounds to address unmet and under-served medical needs in in companion animal care including pain, cachexia, and frailty. These compounds are supported by substantial safety and effectiveness data and will represent best- or first-in-class products in the animal health industry.

  • Array Bridge

    Array Bridge provides products and services that address two important areas in the development of biologics: biosimilar drug comparability analysis and impurity analysis. Array Bridge has developed "antibody arrays" to measure biosimilar drug comparability at the molecular level, providing a measurement of biosimilar conformational comparability. This antibody array-based technology can be used at all stages of biosimilar development, from cell line selection and process development to clinical testing and product release. For impurity analysis, the company provides ELISA kits and reagents for Host Cell Protein quantitation and Western Blot analysis.

  • Asthmapolis

    Asthmapolis is dedicated to improving the management of asthma for patients and healthcare professionals.  It uses medication sensors, mobile applications, advanced analytics and feedback to help physicians identify those patients who need more help controlling the disease.

  • Avia Biosystems

    Avia Biosystems' products provide solutions to common bottlenecks that limit the development and formulation of biologics. The first product developed by the company, the fluorescence-based Model 2304 Fully Automated Protein Denaturation System, automates protein stability studies, with primary applications in stability testing of protein constructs during discovery and development and biologics formulation stability testing during pre-clinical and clinical development. The system automatically prepares samples and the requested array of buffer and excipient conditions, collects fluorescence data, and processes the data for up to 96 protein samples or formulations.

  • Base Pair Biotechnologies

    Base Pair Biotechnologies is a spin-off of parent company BioTex, a developer of several molecular biology and diagnostic technologies. Scientists at Base Pair Bio have been studying aptamers and developing them on a research basis and offer these services commercially.

  • Bina Technologies

    Bina is the big data science platform for large scale secondary and tertiary genomic analysis. Bina uses big data and cloud technologies to process raw genetic data in order to help clinicians and researchers administer treatment based on an individual's unique DNA. Bina's mission is to accelerate personalized medicine using whole genome analysis. The company was founded in 2011 by a team of Stanford and Berkeley researchers, data scientists, bioinformaticians, and entrepreneurs.

  • BioLamina

    BioLamina is a rapidly expanding biotechnology company within the stem cell and cell differentitation fields. Started as recently as 2009, it is already acknowledged as one of Sweden’s 33 most promising young technology companies. BioLamina produces and sells high-quality human recombinant laminins that are the foundation on which cells grow in vivo – and most likely the optimal surface for stem cells, primary cells and cell differentiation in vitro.

  • BioMoti

    BioMoti seeks to transform the treatment of cancer by targeted delivery of therapeutics to the intracellular space of cancer cells; aiming to increase efficacy whilst reducing side effects. MOTI1001 is BioMoti's lead Oncojan™ based ovarian cancer candidate. Oncojans are a new class of therapeutic microparticles that can target and gain entry to the interior of cancer cells where they slowly release drugs at the point of need whilst sparing healthy tissue. The platform is compatible with a range of drug classes from small molecule therapeutics to larger biologicals.

  • BioTillion

    BioTillion is enhancing the way samples are tracked in low temperature biobanks using RFID technology. They enable real-time precision tracking of samples in situ.

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