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GEN's Biotech Boulevard highlights new entrepreneurial biotech firms based all over the globe. These unique companies are developing breakthrough products that will expand and enhance the biotech industry.
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GEN's Biotech Boulevard
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  • SAMDI Tech

    SAMDI Tech is a CRO that offers label-free assay services for assay development, high throughput screening, and peptide substrate discovery. The company uses its SAMDI label-free technology to perform rapid and quantitative assays of challenging biochemical targets. SAMDI is an HTS mass spectrometry tool that eliminates the need for cumbersome antibodies, fluorescence, and radioactive labels.

  • Savant HWP

    Savant HWP was founded in 2009 to create transformational products in human health, wellness, and prevention. The company’s approach to addiction treatment targets the dopamine “reward” pathway in the brain that drives pleasure-seeking behaviors associated with addiction and obesity. Targeting the brain’s central reward pathway enables Savant to develop drug candidates potentially effective against all forms of substance abuse, over-eating and many other compulsive, negative behaviors.

  • Second Genome

    Second Genome is a microbiome-modulation company integrating untapped knowledge about the human bacterial ecosystem into pharmaceutical and nutritional product discovery and development.

  • Soluble Therapeutics

    Soluble Therapeutics commercialized the HSC™ Technology, a platform for optimizing protein formulations that can increase the solubility and stability of proteins for use as therapeutics, vaccines, diagnostics, and research reagents. The HSC Technology combines high-throughput self-interaction chromatography with a predictive algorithm to compress the amount of time it takes to derive optimal formulations for the protein in question. The HSC Technology is available on a fee-for-service basis, or companies can purchase the HSC instrument for use in their own laboratories.

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