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GEN's Biotech Boulevard highlights new entrepreneurial biotech firms based all over the globe. These unique companies are developing breakthrough products that will expand and enhance the biotech industry.
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GEN's Biotech Boulevard
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  • Persomics

    Persomics has developed technology to mass-produce arrays for high content cell based screening. Their printing technology miniaturizes thousands of high content screening points onto an array, accelerating screening. Persomics mass production technology enables large scale production of high content screening arrays for the first time, providing a cost effective tool for accelerating gene and drug discovery.

  • Polyactiva

    PolyActiva is a biotechnology company developing drug-polymer conjugates that allow for site specific drug delivery from medical device components such as ocular implants, intra-articular gel implants, and drug-eluting fibers. The company has completed proof of concept studies on these and is working towards developing first products. PolyActiva is interested in medical technology companies looking to incorporate PolyActiva’s drug eluting components in their devices. PolyActiva is a joint venture between CSIRO and the Bionic Ear Institute and is located in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Practichem

    Practichem is a biotechnology company specializing in chromatographic instrumentation and consumables. With a focus on both protein and small molecule purification markets, Practichem’s current product line includes their Protein Purification Instrument, ARISTA and flash consumables. A performance flash chromatography instrument is also in development.

  • Progenitor Labs

    Progenitor Labs is a biotechnology company developing stem cell technologies to discover drugs that regenerate tissues of the human body. Their vision is to develop medicines that instruct organs such as the blood, muscle, bone, heart and brain to regenerate in response to injury, disease or ageing.


  • Prokarium

    Prokarium is a biotechnology company with a vision to create the best platform for oral delivery of almost any recombinant protein vaccine. Its Vaxonella™ platform incorporates genetic and formulation technologies that are designed to optimize live bacterial vector-mediated antigen delivery: Spi-VEC, X-mark, ORT-VAC and BAR. Prokarium is based in Keele and London, UK.

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