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Nov 2, 2006

The Current Status of Microarray Technology and Future Trends in Microarray Research

  • Microarrays have become indispensible tools for life science research. They can tell scientists which genes are turned on, or off, in gene-expression studies and they can shed light on how large numbers of genes interact with one another. This has become particularly important since the sequencing of the human genome.

    Seth Crosby, M.D., is director of the Microarray Core Facility in the Genome Sequencing Center at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. He is an expert on microarrays and on the increasing number of microarray applications that continue to arise. In this week's podcast, Dr. Crosby will discuss the current status of microarray technology and future trends in microarray research.

    After listening to the podcast, come back to the blog and give us your thoughts and opinions on the following questions:

    How would you rate the efforts of groups such as the MicroArray Quality Control Consortium to set standards that address issues such as reproducibility, repeatability and comparability across the various commercial microarray product platforms?

    Do you have any suggestions on how standards can be further improved?

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