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Oct 23, 2008

Promising New Treatment for Alcoholism

  • Scientists from Southern Research Institute and the University of California-San Francisco's Department of Neurology's Gallo Research Center report that a new compound that causes selective and long-lasting reduction in ethanol consumption might be a new candidate to treat alcoholism. Their results will be published in the December issue of Biological Psychiatry.

    During this week's podcast, Dr. Selena Bartlett provides details on the purpose of the study and its results. She describes the novel molecule and how it differs from naltrexone, which also has been shown to decrease alcohol consumption. In addition, Dr. Bartlett explains how the new molecule works as well as what is so advantageous about its mode of action. She also discusses why she is confident that her findings in the animal study will be translatable to humans, where there is also a very strong psychological component to alcoholism.