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May 10, 2007

Global Bioindustry Trends in 2007

  • Strange as it may sound, biotechnology already is moving into an age of maturity.

    Product pipelines are growing, revenues are increasing, and more companies are moving toward profitability. A new study, Beyond Borders: Ernst & Young's Global Biotechnology Report 2007, provides details on a number of performance indicators for the worldwide bioindustry.

    During this week's podcast, Glen Giovannetti, principal author of the Ernst & Young report, reveals why 2006 was the year of the deal. He talks about how the U.S. bioindustry fared last year, pointing out key U.S. industry developments. Giovannetti discusses the major European biotech industry trends, and highlights what's driving biotech’s growth in Asia.

    Giovannetti reviews the results from a survey of 400 CEOs from small, medium, and large biotech companies regarding their current and future product development plans.

    He also describes the growing challenges facing the global biotech industry.

    Be sure to listen to this timely and important podcast then return to the blog to give your thoughts on the following question:

    What do you see as the most critical challenges facing the global biotech industry in 2007?