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Jun 01, 2006 (Vol. 26, No. 11)

Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute

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Urban forests; great concept eh? Contrary to what you might think, the term is not an oxymoron. Management and development of urban forests is the focus of the Urban Forest Ecosystem Institute (UFEI). Developed originally to manage urban forests in California, the UFEI provides a center for Applied Research, Extension/Technology Transfer, and Community Service/Outreach. The site’s other offerings include a bundle of information, including news, jobs, grants, newsletter, conferences, links, a California registry of big trees, a database called SelecTree with information and pictures on over 1,000 trees, and a discussion group. I don’t think I’ve missed anything, but this site is so big, it is possible I did. It’s hard to believe there is so much information here about a topic that is not too often in the public eye.
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