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Mar 01, 2009 (Vol. 29, No. 5)

Scientist, Interrupted

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Somebody recently told me that blogs have to be controversial and/or that they have to stir things up or they’re not a blog. I argued that that wasn’t the case and that many blogs are nothing more than fun reading, often with a newsy bent. A great case in point of my perspective is Scientist, Interrupted, a product of “GrrlScientist,” who describes herself as an ornithologist, an evolutionary biologist, and a freelance science/nature writer. Her columns, covering topics such as the discovery of a new bird species, diagnosing bipolar disorder from a blood sample, and women/science/writing span a very large territory and do so without stirring anyone up. In a world with too many angry shouting voices, blogs that educate instead of provoking are important additions to our culture.
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Scientifically Studying Ecstasy

MDMA (commonly known as the empathogen “ecstasy”) is classified as a Schedule 1 drug, which is reserved for compounds with no accepted medical use and a high abuse potential. Two researchers from Stanford, however, call for a rigorous scientific exploration of MDMA's effects to identify precisely how the drug works, the data from which could be used to develop therapeutic compounds.

Do you agree that ecstasy should be studied for its potential therapeutic benefits?

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